Wedding Insurance

There is no doubt, that we do more weddings than any one else. We have become the wedding experts. Our satisfaction rating for the past 5 years is at 100 per cent. We haven't missed a wedding, for any reason. We are proud of our reputation, and the quality of our limousines


Our insurance your wedding limousine service as follows:


1. Carpe Diem Limousine Service Ltd. (CDLS) will refund 100% of your rental paid if:

            A) Due to mechanical failure, driver error, or for any reason at all; 1 hour of limousine rental time is lost.

If we cannot resolve the issue, or provide a replacement limo within 60 minutes; you will receive a 100% refund of your limo (city weddings only)


            B) Due to any avoidable fault by CDLS or its employees or vehicle failure where the bride is 15 minutes late to the ceremony, you will receive a  100% refund

Examples including, but not limited to:

i)Poor planning on company part

ii)Driver tardiness or becoming lost

iii)Vehicle failure


2. CDLS will provide partial refunds as outlined below:


            A) Due to accident, at fault, or not at fault, CDLS will refund 50% of wedding rental if 1 or more hours of rental is lost, before a replacement limo can be provided.


            B) In the event of replacement limo being required, if the replacement vehicle is listed at a lesser priced rental


            C) In the event that the A/C fails, CDLS will refund 20% of rental paid. On very hot days, your limo will not be cold, but your A/C will be blowing cold air; this is not cause for a refund, only when the A/C does not blow.

This does not apply in some of our party buses such as Crusader, Rush, PhatCat & Mardi Gras



CDLS is 100% committed to your wedding. We have an excellent and reliable reputation.

We will not let you down, your limousine will be clean and in excellent mechanical condition.

This contract is to provide you with absolute peace of mind in the event of a mechanical breakdown or human error.

CDLS does provide liquor licensed vehicles. This license does not extend outside of the vehicle. No open alcohol is permitted to leave the limo. Any fines levied by police or Saskatchewan Liquor And Gaming Authority (SLGA) all infractions will be the sole responsibility of the renter. These may include: littering, open liquor, indecent exposure, urinating on public property, etc. Basically, the laws of the land, as always, apply.


Any damages caused to the limo during the rental period will be charged back to the renter.


Disrespect or inappropriate actions of any kind may result in the driver discontinuing service.


Excessive clean up including, but not limited to: champagne spray, vomit, blood, etc will result in $100.00 cleanup fee. In certain situations, we reserve the right to increase this charge.


Emergency exits are for emergencies only! If opened, you will be subject to a $100.00 resealing fee. Damages to emergency exits will also be charged back to the renter. 


All deposits are non-refundable


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