Frequently Asked Questions

1) What type of quality is the limousine I am renting?


Always be sure to ask when booking what condition/year your limousine will be. Our fleet is the newest in the province and we are proud of the quality our buses/vehicles provide.

There are a few older buses calling themselves limousines still in use today in Regina/Saskatoon. If the bus is older than 2008, it is not a limousine. The quality may not be what you hope for; you get what you pay for in most cases. 

There are no age restrictions on party buses. Some are old beat up school buses or old para-transit buses.


2) Do I need a Party Bus or a Limo Bus?


Our Party buses are wild disco type "party on wheels"
Most of the time, party buses are not used for weddings, although, some do prefer it over a limo bus

They are obviously much cheaper than limo buses


Simply put, a Limo Bus is luxury

It is the finest in comfort with the ease of entering and exiting, and the space to enjoy the trip,

Limo buses are our most popular option for weddings


  3) What do the limos look like?

There are so many choices and options. We are very happy with our limos, and we PROMISE that you will be too.
Click on our fleet page and see for yourself!


   4) Will my chauffer be dressed accordingly?

Ask about their attire; 

Our chauffeurs all dress formally. They are all very professional. They all love this job, and it shows.


   5) Is my wedding party allowed to consume alcohol?

Some of our limousines are liquor licensed. Please contact us for further details!


   6) What is the plan in the event of mechanical breakdown?


This is very important. We have a contingency plan in place. EVERY weekend, we have a back-up plan.
We have spare drivers, pit crew, mechanic on call, and usually a limo or party bus, cleaned, fueled and ready to go.

If it is needed, it will be sent out immediately, to cover your wedding.

We have had 2 breakdowns in the last 5 years. We sent another limo bus, on time, no problem.

We are also available when limos from other companies breakdown.

In fact, in 2013 alone, we SAVED 12 WEDDINGS, when other companies had breakdowns.

Check out our insurance plan that we include with every wedding booking. 


   7) Do you offer different limos for different parts of your wedding?


We have every size of limo. We are the only one in the city that does. We often mix and match limos. We have the options to use a larger party bus to transport the wedding party around for pictures and also smaller limousines for the newlywed couple at the end of your very busy wedding day.

We also have shuttle style seating buses that are perfect for guest shuttles!

It can be the difference between good, and PERFECT.


  8) Does Carpe Diem enjoy what they do?


Our PASSION is this business. Our PASSION is to serve.

We love this company and your wedding is important to us.


  9) Is this business a sideline, or full-time job?

Carpe Diem Limousine Service Ltd. has 5 full time people operating the day to day business.

Additionally, we have 15 part-time drivers. Our business is not a sideline. This business is our life.


  10) Do you have extra drivers available at a moment’s notice?

Kim, Derrick, and Mitch are also chauffeurs. Most weddings are booked to other drivers, so these 3 are able to jump in for a chauffeur that may get sick, or be unable to drive. If they are booked to drive, 2 others are on call.


  11) Do you provide shuttle services for my guests?

We offer a very low price for shuttle services.

We often provide high end shuttle service for LESS THAN school bus pricing if you book your wedding with us.


12) Am I able to have children on our wedding limousine?


Absolutely! We have no age restrictions on our limousines, children are not required to have car seats or seat belts while on board!


13) Can we bring food?


Yes! We highly recommend that you bring food. In the excitement and frenzy, most brides do not eat before the ceremony. Food will be a welcomed blessing during pictures.


14) What if we have extra shoes, purses, coats, etc.?


The limo bus that you book with us is yours. Everything will be safe inside the bus. Your driver will not leave your bus unattended, nor will any access be allowed other than to yourself and your wedding party.


15) Carpe Diem has a wedding co-ordinator?


Yes; 12 months a year. Our wedding co-ordinator now have a full time assistant. With 300 weddings each year and dozens of details for each, it is a monumental task. Your wedding co-ordinator is always available and will help make sure your wedding transporation is perfect.


16) Can I choose my driver?


If you have a particular driver that you like, let us know. We will be happy to schedule that driver in, based on other availability.


Other questions?

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