Business Services

Business travel is required by almost all businesses at one time or another, be at ease with Carpe Diem for all your business travel needs. For the annual Christmas party, when major liability for a safe ride home is required, to the everyday door to door representative.


For many applications, a limousine is over-kill. However, our professional drivers can be just what you need. Maybe you need someone who can safely navigate Saskatchewan's frozen roads and remote highways; our car and driver service may work for you; or even just a driver. If you have a group of people needing transportation, you will make a huge impression with our limousine style buses. They don't need to know that it didn't cost much more than a beat up school bus would have cost. Maybe your group is too small for a huge charter coach bus. We can help. Additionally, we offer seatbelts on some of our limo buses. Give us a call, maybe we can help


Frequent travelers and business executives are often overwhelmed by tedious amounts paperwork. After a while, the receipts and expense reports start to pile up. Wouldn't it be easier to just add it to the tab?


To make life easier, we offer services to your individual needs and because it makes life easier for us, too, you'll get a discount!

Make The Arrangements

Contact us to make all the necessary arrangements. We will take every aspect of your special occasion into account, and consult with you on how best to organize transportation.

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