Policies and Visions

    We, at Carpe Diem Limousine Service Ltd. believe in the value and worth of each individual.

Our drivers, employees, sub-contractors, and clients are all given our utmost in respect and loyalty.

    Our policies are only meant to provide the best experience possible. The following policies relate to everyone employed, contracted, or dealing on behalf of Carpe Diem Limousine Service.


     Everyone will be treated with respect. Co-workers, clients, staff at pick-up and drop off points. There is zero tolerance towards ethnic, racial, gender, sexual, religious, or political prejudice.

     All workers, employees, contractors, and chauffeurs will conduct themselves beyond reproach. Any of the following infractions will be considered valid reason for immediate termination:

     Any illegal activities, insubordination, dis-respect to management or clients, providing service for tips, providing alcohol to minors, endangering others in any way. In addition, any and all behaviors that reflect less than 100% of the companies values.

     A 300 hour probationary period is also in effect. During this time, termination can be effected at the discretion of management.

     In addition, all chauffeurs must provide a current clean drivers abstract on an annual basis. A clean criminal record check must be filed with the company. Failure to provide, or blemishes on either, are also cause for immediate dismissal.

     Complete acknowledgement and commitment to uphold these standards are a condition of employment. These rules are not circumvent-able. By accepting any type of employment with Carpe Diem Limousine Service, all policies and conditions are deemed accepted by the employee.

CDLS does provide liquor licensed vehicles. This license does not extend outside of the vehicle. No open alcohol is permitted to leave the limo. Any fines levied by police or Saskatchewan Liquor And Gaming Authority (SLGA) all infractions will be the sole responsibility of the renter. These may include: littering, open liquor, indecent exposure, urinating on public property, etc. Basically, the laws of the land, as always, apply.


Any damages caused to the limo during the rental period will be charged back on a cost-recovery basis.


Disrespect or inappropriate actions of any kind may result in the driver discontinuing service.


Excessive clean up including, but not limited to: champagne spray, vomit, blood, etc will result in $100.00 cleanup fee. In certain situations, we reserve the right to increase this charge.


Emergency exits are for emergencies only! If opened, you will be subject to a $100.00 resealing fee. Damages to emergency exits will also be charge on a cost-recovery basis.



All deposits are non-refundable

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